All life is born from Mother Earth.We would like to offer you something cozy and warm like a mother with rich time through our experiences. Like the circle of life that lives, connects, and rotates with nature.

About “Kamime Boki”

Kamime Boki (神目箒) is the Japanese name for "Holy Basil" or "Tulsi," a medicinal herb

that belongs to the Mebouki genus of the Perilla family.

We borrow the land of Matsunoyama, the unexplored region of Echigo-Tsumari,

and every year we sow the seeds, nurture each one with love and care

as if it were our own child, and make tea with care.

We hope that our teas, cultivated in the cycle of nature

with the environment and health in mind to leave to our future children,

will bring you a moment of relaxation and enrichment.

We hope that this "Jinmoku Broom Tea," born from a plant that means "incomparable," will spread to many people,

and that the circle of life will gradually spread like a whirlpool, bringing healing and purification.